Mawudu Discovery Forest, Hsinchu

The mountainous terrain occupies about 70% of Taiwan’s area, and the mountains can be reached quickly from the urban area. The location of “Mawudu Discovery Forest” is between Hsinchu and Taoyuan, which is where we are going this time.

Mawudu is the name of the aboriginal tribe in the Japanese occupation period in Taiwan, which means that the materials are gathered.

Mawudu Discovery Forest

It takes about an hour to drive from Hsinchu City.

There is a “Mawudu Waterfall” in the forest, We are going to Mawudu Waterfall today.

Enter from the entrance on the side of the parking lot, and first pass through the rest area. A cabin and some children’s play equipment are here.

There used to be TV series shot here, and now you can enter the wooden house to visit, there is nothing, this is not important, not the purpose of today.

Mawudu Discovery Forest
Mawudu Discovery Forest

We stayed here for a while before we started entering the trail.
Straight trees cover the sky. Sunlight passes through the gaps in the trees, forming layers of light and shadow.

Mawudu Discovery Forest

The trail is not too difficult to walk, and it is surrounded by trees. The light and shadow of the sun through the gaps in the forest is very beautiful.

Mawudu Discovery Forest
Mawudu Discovery Forest

The trees are very dense and erect, and the sun will not directly come in.

so there are a lot of moss on the stones beside the trail, which will be very cool when summer comes.

There are also many plants growing under the trees that are quite lush and very lively.

Mawudu Discovery Forest
Mawudu Discovery Forest

We reached the small waterfall in the first section of the trail, “Hongqiao Waterfall”.
It is autumn, and the water volume of the waterfall is relatively small in the dry season.

The waterfalls I saw recently are like this, ha ha.

Mawudu Discovery Forest

Today I arrived at Ma Wudu Forest a bit late. I took my child to stay in the entrance cabin for a while before starting to enter the trail, which was delayed for some time.

The park is about to close, and now we have to go back.

Mawudu Discovery Forest
Mawudu Discovery Forest

The Mawudu Forest Trail is planned to be able to circle the forest, but today is not enough time, so follow the direction to come back to the entrance.

Appreciate the same scenery again, as the time changes, the angle of the sun is different, and the light and shadow changes between the trees have different feelings.

Mawudu Discovery Forest
Mawudu Discovery Forest

The Ma Wudu Forest Trail is very suitable for families to take with their children. It is not difficult to walk along the trail.

Take a walk with easy equipment, look at the flowers and trees along the way, listen to the sound of waterfalls, and walk around the park for about 2 hours. Not far, a great place for a relaxing holiday.

Mawudu Discovery Forest

In summer we can go and see different Mawudu Discovery Forest.


Where is here?

  • No. 138-3, Jinshan, Guanxi Township306, Taiwan


How to get here?       

  • Train:
    Please take the train to Zhongli Railway Station. Opposite Zhongli Station, take Hsinchu Bus to Kansai Station, and then transfer to Hsinchu Bus to Golden Bird Park. After getting off at Golden Bird Park Station, walk right along the wall of Golden Bird Park and turn right (turn from Golden Bird Park to the ticket gate about 0.6 Km, from the ticket gate to the tourist service center about 2.5 Km, the whole journey is uphill).
  • Driving:
    From National Highway No. 3, exit at Guanxi Interchange. Take Hsinchu County Road 118 bound for Guanxi. Pass Provincial Highway No. 3, drive on, and turn right beside the former Jinniao Ocean Park. Drive uphill to arrive at the destination.
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