Keelung Maritime Plaza, Keelung

Keelung Maritime Plaza is a landscape platform at the end of Keelung Port. It is an important transportation location in the city. Whether you are going from Keelung Railway Station to Keelung Night Market and taking a cruise ship, you will pass the Ocean Plaza.

Keelung Port

Keelung Maritime Plaza is located in Keelung Port, so you can see the container wheel, warship, and work boat. The most striking is the cruise ship, which attracts many tourists to take pictures.

Keelung Port

It is also a good place to enjoy the eagle flying and foraging. When the northeast monsoon started, more than a dozen eagle swam over the Keelung port.

Keelung Port
Keelung Port
Keelung Port

Where is here?

  • In the Keelung port .

How to get here?       

  • Depart from Keelung Station and head towards the port.

What to bring?

  • If you love bird watching, you need to bring a telescope or camera.
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