Daylily season begins in Taiwan’s Hualien County


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The daylily season on Chike Mountain (赤柯山) and neighboring Liushihdan Mountain (六十石山) in Taiwan’s eastern county of Hualien has begun and will last until Sep. 13, with about 30 percent of the plants already in bloom.

Daylilies are an important crop in the East Rift Valley; Yuli Township has 186 hectares of daylily farms, while Fuli Township has 167 hectares, according to a CNA report. Together these two townships contain the country’s largest daylily plantations.

Every year a certain area is reserved for tourists to take photos in the sea of golden flowers, and this year the area is about 65 hectares. Local farmers’ associations have decorated the fields with fairy tale props and artistic lanterns to attract tourists.

As this year’s rainfall has been relatively slight, daylilies have been delayed in their flowering. A farmer on Chike Mountain (赤柯山) surnamed Lee (李) said that rain and fog in the past few days have prompted more daylilies to flower; however, he added, so far only about 30 percent of the plants have blossomed.

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